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Why You Should Buy The Best Whiteboard You Can Afford

Franken Drywipe Whiteboards With Free Pens

So there’s loads of whiteboards on our site from only £30, so what’s the difference between these and the more expensive ones? Well that’s easy to answer, you’re paying for the quality of the surface.

The cheaper whiteboards are a non magnetic surface which will typically suffer from ghosting. This means that when you rub off the pen, some of the ink might be visible. Whereas, the more expensive whiteboards such as Steel and Vitreous Enamel surfaces won’t suffer from this problem. What’s more, these boards have an amazing 15-25 year guarantee.

There’s just one thing to keep in mind, make sure you use the correct dry wipe pens. There’s plenty of options on the market but some work better than others. Our range of dry wipe pens are perfect for the job and will ensure your whiteboard remains as clean as the day you installed it.

For any more information about whiteboards or if you need help choosing the one that’s perfect for you, please call our team of whiteboard experts on 01539 628309.

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