Fire Retardant Notice Boards & Flame Resistant Noticeboards

Materials covering the walls in areas at high risk of fire (e.g. corridors, escape routes etc.) should not propagate or accelerate a fire, therefore allowing the occupants the opportunity to exit safely.

Notice boards used in these areas must comply to EN13501:2002 reaction to flame test. FlameShield from Noticeboards Online is the market leader in Class 0 fully fire retardant products that meet and exceed the above required European and British Standard BS-EN13501-1 and tested to BS476 parts 6 and 7.

Aluminium Frame Notice Boards

These are the most popular flame resistant (also known as fire retardant) notice boards. When you are displaying non-sensitive information that doesn’t need protecting from a tamperproof or lockable notice board, these are ideal. The pin surface, frame and core materials have all been fully tested.

These noticeboards are ideal for locations such as classrooms, but not corridors or fire exits. To protect the paper igniting, you need a tamperproof noticeboard where the contents are protected behind fire safe glazing.

Tamperproof Notice Boards & Lockable Notice Boards

If you are displaying information in corridors, public areas and fire exit routes means you need a lockable fire retardant notice board. This prevents your notices becoming part of the problem, or even worse, the start of the problem.

All our tamperproof and lockable notice boards are made from the finest components and materials. Unlike cheaper notice boards, our tamperproof products feature fire rated polycarbonate doors and high quality key locks.

The top hinge notice board is perfect for corridors and fire exits. The door is held open with supports when open preventing accidents.

All the materials used in these notice boards are the highest fire safety standards possible giving you peace of mind.

Our premium top of the range FlameShield Showcase features a ‘gas strut’ assisted door opening for ease of use and hassle free changing of information. Hinged and double locking door features fire rated and virtually shatterproof polycarbonate glazing. The noticeboard core and bonded textile are fully fire retardant and are tested as a composite to Class 0 and comply with BSEN13501: 2002.

It’s available in 5 frame finishes (Blue, Red, Green, White or Anodised Aluminium) and 4 Notice Board Colours (Blue, Red, Grey, Green)

Unframed Notice Boards & Frameless Notice Boards

These fire safe noticeboards are great for locations that are not corridors, open public areas or fix exits. Without the traditional aluminium frame, they bring a modern alternative look over traditional fire safe notice boards.

These should not be installed near fire exits or in corridors. Tamperproof flame resistant (often known as fire proof) notice boards should be installed at these locations to prevent the spread of fire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Retardant Noticeboards

Where Do I Need A Fire Retardant Notice Board

Fire Retardant Notice Boards (often referred to as Flame Resistant Notice Boards) must be used in various locations to ensure fire safety in schools, workplaces and fire escape routes etc. Specifically, corridors, stairways, kitchens, workshops, laboratories, fire escape routes, and public areas are among some of the spaces that fire retardant notice boards are required. Please call us on 01539 628309 for more information on fire safety.

All public buildings (schools and universities etc) fall under the requirements of the ‘Buildings and Fire Precautions Legislation’ and therefore must meet stringent standards relating to the use of fire doors, fire compartmentation and appropriate fire resistant building materials within the building

In the event of fire, open notice boards (as opposed to lockable notice boards) which have paper or other flammable material attached can significantly reduce the protection provided by fire resistant building materials and compartmentation in the event of fire.
Therefore it is incumbent that there are appropriate rules in respect of wall-mounted notice boards. We recommend the following guidance:

Dead End Corridors. Protected Stairways And Lobbies To Protected Stairways
No open type notice boards allowed. Where there is no alternative means of escape from a corridor then only notice boards which meet Class 0 requirements will be permitted.

Corridors With An Alternative Means Of Escape
We still recommend Class 0 products, however notice boards meeting Class 1 requirements, open type with fire resistant material covering, may be used in a corridor with an alternative means of escape provided that the surface area of the Class 1 materials does not exceed 20% of the total ceiling and wall surface area of the corridor. The remaining area must be Class 0.

Large Open Spaces
In these areas, only notice boards to Class 0 requirements may be installed.

What Is Class 0 ?

Class 0 means the surface material or where it is bonded throughout to a substrate, the surface material combined with the substrate has a surface of Class 1 and, when tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 6: 1981 or BS 476: Part 6: 1989 has an index of performance (l) not more than 12 and a sub-index (i 1) not more than 6 or has achieved a classification of B-s3, d2 or better when tested in accordance with BSEN 13823 and BSENISO: 11925-2. Basically, the noticeboard will be as fire safe as possible.

I’ve Installed Class 1 Noticeboards, Or Notice Boards With Fire Rated Felt, Will This Do?

No. Just because the felt will prevent the spread of fire doesn’t mean the other materials in the noticeboard will. For example, the glue or frame might not be fire rated.

Why Do You Only Sell FlameShield Noticeboards And Not Other Brands?

After reviewing our product range, we were impressed that the FlameShield range not on met but exceeded the recommended safety levels. This gives us (and you) peace of mind.

Do I Need Tamperproof Notice Boards In Corridors?

Ideally, yes. A lockable noticeboard will protect your paper from igniting and prevent the spread of fire. All our fire resistant notice boards have flame resistant doors. In addition to regular side hinge lockable noticeboards, we also stock top hinge tamperproof notice boards for use in corridors. They feature a support so the door is held open when the content is being changed.

We’ve Discovered Most Of Our Noticeboards Do Not Comply, Do You Offer Discounts For Bulk Orders?

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