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Colour Poster Frame Key Lock

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Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

  • 45mm extruded aluminium frame
  • 2mm strong front plastic glazing
  • 5mm correx interior panel
  • Water-resistant seal that borders the graphic
  • Suitable for external and internal use
  • 34mm external depth
  • Suitable for landscape or portrait fitting
  • 17 Stock Colours

£103.20£256.80 ex vat

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High specification system which is ideal for outdoor locations. Featuring a strong extruded aluminium frame with a 2mm tough plastic front and a waterproof seal to protect your printed graphic. All media attaches to poster clips and sits against a strong correx back panel. Available in 17 stock colour finishes including 3 anodised, 12 powder coated and 2 wood grain finishes.

CodeGraphic SizeVisible Size
LF17297mm x 210mm (A4)279mm x 192mm
LF18420mm x 297mm (A3)402mm x 279mm
LF19594mm x 420mm (A2)576mm x 402mm
LF20700mm x 500mm (B2)682mm x 482mm
LF21762mm x 508mm (30×20)744mm x 490mm
LF22840mm x 594mm (A1)822mm x 576mm
LF231000mm x 700mm (B1)982mm x 682mm
LF241016mm x 762mm (40×30)998mm x 744mm
LF251188mm x 840mm (A0)1170mm x 822mm
LF261400mm x 1000mm (B0)1382mm x 982mm
LF271524mm x 1016mm (60×40)1506mm x 998mm

Frame Colours

  • Bronze
  • Chocolate
  • Ice Cream
  • Ullswater Blue
  • Abba Gold
  • Golden Oak
  • Blackwell Black
  • Dewy Moss Green
  • Pine Wood Grain
  • Pure White
  • Red Brown
  • Silver
  • Slate Grey
  • Traffic Green
  • Traffic Red
  • Solway Firth Blue
  • Daffodil Yellow

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297 x 210 / A4 (11.69 x 8.27 inches), 420 x 297 / A3 (16.54 x 11.69 inches), 594 x 420 / A2 (23.39 x 16.54 inches), 700 x 500 / B2 (27.56 x 19.69 inches), 762 x 508 (30 x 20 inches), 840 x 594 / A1 (33.07 x 23.39 inches), 1000 x 700 / B1 (39.37 x 27.56), 1016 x 762 (40 x 30 inches), 1188 x 840 / A0 (46.77 x 33.07 inches), 1400 x 1000 / B0 (55.12 x 39.37)

Frame Colour

Bronze, Chocolate, English Lakes Ice Cream, Ullswater Blue, Abba Gold, Blackwell Black, Dewy Moss Green, Pure White, Red Brown, Silver, Honister Slate Mine Grey, Traffic Green, Traffic Red, Solway Firth Blue, Daffodil Yellow