Flat Panel Wall Signs

Call for Price

One of our most popular signs is the Flat Plate Signs. Available in several shapes and dozens of sizes, they are cost effective, simple to install and last for many many years. Add an anti-graffiti protection and any vandalism simply wipes away. Ordering your sign is simple, just choose some options then call us on 01539 628309.

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Popular Shapes

Here’s just some of the most popular designs for Flat Plate Wall Signs. You will probably find one of these suits your needs perfectly, but don’t worry if it doesn’t. As all our signs are made to order, we can create your sign in any shape you want. To order your Flat Plate Wall Signs, simply choose your shape, size and colour. Then tell us what you would like on the sign. Our talented team of over excitable designers will then create the artwork for you to approve before the metal cutting team start working on your sign.

Design 1Design 2Design 3Design 4
Design 5Design 6Design 7Design 8

Examples Of Flat Plate Wall Signs

Here’s just some example of how your  school sign could look. All we need is the wording and any logos or specific design requirements. All the signs are made from high quality aluminium composite and are designed to last for anywhere between 7-10 years making them excellent value for money. Once the sign has been cut to your shape, we then digitally print to the sign.

Unlike cheaper vinyl lettering, this means you can have anything on your sign without limits. Don’t worry if your sign is in direct sunlight, we only use sun safe anti-fade ink on your school sign.


Square Prices

300mm x 300mm £44.00
400mm x 400mm £55.00
500mm x 500mm £69.00
600mm x 600mm £86.00
700mm x 700mm £106.00
800mm x 800mm £129.00
900mm x 900mm £155.00
1000mm x 1000mm £185.00
1100mm x 1100mm £217.00
1200mm x 1200mm £253.00

Round Prices
A4 (210mm x 297mm) £40.00
A3 (297mm x 420mm) £50.00
A2 (420mm x 594mm) £69.00
A1 (594mm x 841mm) £107.00
A0 (841mm x 1189mm) £185.00
Rectangle Prices
2ft x 1ft (610mm x 305mm) £59.00
3ft x 1ft (915mm x 305mm) £73.00
3ft x 2ft (915mm x 610mm) £116.00
4ft x 1ft (1220mm x 305mm) £88.00
4ft x 2ft (1220mm x 610mm) £145.00
4ft x 3ft (1220mm x 915mm) £203.00
5ft x 1ft (1524mm x 305mm) £102.00
5ft x 2ft (1524mm x 610mm) £174.00
5ft x 3ft (1524mm x 915mm) £246.00
5ft x 4ft (1424mm x 1220mm) £318.00
6ft x 2ft (1828mm x 610mm) £203.00
6ft x 3ft (1828mm x 915mm) £289.00
6ft x 4ft (1828mm x 1220mm) £375.00
7ft x 1ft (2133mm x 305mm) £131.00
7ft x 2ft (2133mm x 610mm) £231.00
7ft x 3ft (2133mm x 915mm) £332.00
8ft x 1ft (2440mm x 305mm) £145.00
8ft x 2ft (2440mm x 610mm) £260.00
8ft x 3ft (2440mm x 915mm) £376.00