Spectra Illuminated Wall Mounted Poster Frame

£295.00£728.00 ex vat

Delivery Time: 5-7 Days

  • 15 Year Surface Guarantee
  • 64mm Aluminium Profile
  • Gas Door Struts
  • Push Lock Mechanism
  • 6mm PETG or Toughened Glass
  • Water Resistant Hinge and Seal
  • 10 Year LED Life
  • Integral Power Transformer
  • 213 RAL Colours

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Premium lockable illuminated frame featuring added security features for any setting. The edge lighting features high spec LED’s and diffusion panels for a bright and even light. With gas struts and the push lock mechanism for easy opening and closing, the Spectra Illuminated Frame is our most advanced and robust illuminated poster case.

CodeGraphic SizeVisible Size
XI1594mm x 420mm (A2)547mm x 373mm
XI2762mm x 508mm (30×20)728mm x 461mm
XI3840mm x 594mm (A1)793mm x 547mm
XI41016mm x 762mm (40×30)669mm x 715mm
XI51188mm x 840mm (A0)1141mm x 793mm
XI61524mm x 1016mm (60×40)1477mm x 969mm

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594mm x 420mm (A2), 762mm x 508mm (30×20), 840mm x 594mm (A1), 1016mm x 762mm (40×30), 1188mm x 840mm (A0), 1524mm x 1016mm (60×40)