Solar Illuminated Notice Boards And Monolith Signage

Powered Entirely By Daylight With Intelligent On-Demand Control System

Eco-Vision solar powered displays have been specifically designed to provide an eco-friendly and long term cost effective solution for when information needs to be visible during dusk and night time hours but where routing mains power is undesirable, impractical or highly expensive.

Without the need for mains power Eco-Vision can be installed with minimal cost, disruption and ground excavation, potentially saving you considerable time and money.

As easy to install as any non-illuminated display, Eco-Vision has the added benefit of allowing you to position your information exactly where you need it most – in the place of maximum impact.

This is hugely advantageous in many settings especially large or multi-site locations where numerous displays are required.

As a renewable energy solution Eco-Vision products support the environment helping to fight the battle on climate change.

The Eco-friendly nature of this system also has the potential to boost your brand image with your stakeholders.

Eco-Vision Integrated LEDs provide illumination during dusk and at night. Powered entirely by daylight, the integrated solar panels soak up UV energy during the day before delivering it to an internal battery for storage.

Once Eco-Vision’s light sensor detects low levels of ambient light, it prepares the internal LEDs to illuminate.

In certain circumstances, constant illumination is possible throughout the hours of low ambient light, but in most settings Eco-Vision is combined with an intelligient On-Demand lighting system.

Eco-Vision is powered entirely by normal (cloudy) daylight conditions without the need for sunlight, a south facing location or a mains power supply.

Eco-Vision converts UV energy gathered during the day to charge its internal battery which then provides the power for illuminating during dusk and at night.

The result of this is a zero impact on your energy bills.

Eco-Vision employs an intelligent energy management system to maximise efficiency, which ensures it always has sufficient power to illuminate.

Illuination is triggerred when low levels of ambient light are combined with movement detection within a 3 metre arc as shown above.

The illumination remains on for 3 minutes after the last movement detected within the arc.

The Range

Eco-Vision notice boards are made from a combination of premium and highly robust aluminium profiles.

With superior weather and vandal resistance as standard, Eco-Vision notice boards also include prestigious features such as an integrated weather shield, smooth continuous hinges and premium gas struts.

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