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Looking For A Wooden Notice Board?

What’s better than wood? A steel noticeboard with a wood effect. Here’s just some of the benefits of a wood effect noticeboard:

  • Eco-Friendly – Hardwood is scarce, costly and difficult to recycle and replace whereas metals, especially aluminium, can be recycled many times
  • Up To 15 Year Surface Guarantee
  • 35 Wood Shades To Choose From
  • Realistic Grain Effect
  • No Annual Maintenance
  • 100% Weatherproof
  • Wood Noticeboards Are More Expensive
  • Wood Noticeboards Don’t Last As Long
  • Unlimited Choice Of Designs
  • Optional Anti Graffiti Coatings

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Ideal as replacements for outdoor wood notice boards, external wood noticeboards, church wooden notice boards and wood community notice boards.


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